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  • new bedding is a girl's best friend

    Over the past three and a half years, the bedroom became a catch all for bills, magazines, laundry...and fabric (my fault!). It wasn't as relaxing as it should have been and it definitely wasn't aesthetically pleasing. Our duvet cover was too neutral, our decorative pillows were from my college days, and our sheets had been through too many tumbles in the extra hot dryers in the basement of our apartment building. A little organizing and rearranging would help but fresh new bedding and throw pillows would make all the difference.

    I had a stock pile of my favorite fabrics but no jumping off point...I didn't have that statement piece I needed to build the bed around. That is, until Christmas morning when I opened a present from Erik. He bought me a vintage pillow cover with two embroidered love birds. The inspiration piece I needed!

    I started throwing fabrics around and a slate blue and tomato red color scheme fell into place. The fabrics were a mix of soft, cut velvet floral patterns with edgy, flame stitch and geometric patterns. It was masculine and feminine...the perfect balance for a young married couple!

    As luck would have it, this makeover just happened to be at the same time many stores have their January bedding and bath sales. I spent last Sunday afternoon searching through online deals and finally found a duvet cover, matching shams, and fun sheets. I was super excited but a little worried that the color wouldn't be right. For someone obsessed with fabric and color, ordering the bedding online without touching it and seeing the color in person was a little scary for me. Thankfully, the bedding arrived and it looked great with the fabric I selected from my stash!

    The next step was sewing up a few simple pillow covers. Each have an envelope closure in a coordinating fabric. Check out the four pillows, front and back, below:





    And after a very productive Sunday.....the finished product! Sweet dreams!