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  • baby project #2: flannel blankets with fringe

    A few months ago, I saw a really cute (and easy!) blanket tutorial on Pinterest. So what did I do? I pinned it along with the other thousand or so project ideas. It waited there, in the land of forgotten pins, until I made my nesting/crafting to-do list. I would have loved to make a little quilt (and maybe will eventually) but I needed something fun and simple. There are tons of other projects on this lady's website too, so bookmark it for a rainy day! Click here for her easy to follow blanket instructions.

    Looking back, I think I really just wanted an excuse to pick out fabric... yep, I came home with fabric for two blankets!

    But how could I choose between cute litte frogs and sweet little birds?!

    I'm happy to say that my first ever Pinterest project wasn't a huge 'Pinterest fail' and our sweet little lady will be able to choose which blanket she wants to snuggle up with each day!