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  • nobody puts baby in the corner...

    When we found out that I was pregnant, one of the first things that came up (and stressed me out!) was our living situation. We had one bedroom, a small kitchen, and a small bathroom but the perfect location, a safe building, and a pretty cool view (being able to see the Olympic mountains out my window is pretty neat for this Kansas girl!). Perfect for just the two of us and our dog, but what happens when we add a baby?

    We spent last spring and early summer searching craigslist ads for a bigger place and asking friends and coworkers if they had any ideas. After a lot of looking online and a handful of viewings (you had to be one of the first to repond to an ad or you wouldn't even hear back from the landlord), we were feeling discouraged. Nothing quite lived up to our little place we have now. It's small but Erik walks to and from work, we can walk to the grocery store, restaurants, shopping, movie theaters...its so convenient and comfortable. To find a bigger place we could afford, we'd have to move out of the city which means a miserable commute and possibly another car payment, among other things... long story short- we decided to stay in the apartment and neighborhood we love. Babies don't need much room, right? <---that's said with a hint of sarcasm. The baby doesn't take up much room but all the baby gear... that's another story!

    To fit this little one (and all her stuff!) into our small space, we had to get creative. We cleaned out the closets, reorganized and rearranged. As for the crib? Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing may not approve...but we put baby in the corner!

    A few personal touches and the corner is perfect for the little one. The color palette is the kid version of our bedding (which you may recall from my past post...New Bedding is a Girl's Best Friend) so it blends well with the rest of the room.

    A few handmade items- a bear made out of my grandma's baby quilt, a cat with red stitching made by that same grandma, a yellow wool blanket passed down from Erik's mom, and a couple pillows I made... one thing missing (but I'll be sure to post photos!) is a handmade pink and gray quilt from my other grandma!! It'll be the perfect finishing touch! :)

    And one more handmade item- one of my weavings from college... I never would have imagined when I was working on it (almost 10 years ago?!) that it would be hanging over my baby girl's crib!

    I guess the moral of the story is (because every story/post has to have a lesson, right?)...if you step back and take a deep breathe instead of worrying and stressing- things will work out. It may seem a little crazy or unconvential to some people. I know I never thought we'd be bringing home a baby to a one bedroom apartment- but it works for us right now. Our little one has called this corner home for about 7 weeks and we couldn't be happier with our decision to stay in our place. Twenty years from now, when our little girl is grown and off at college, we will fondly look back on our time in our little apartment when we were so close and cozy.