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  • a few of my favorite (fall) things...

    How is it the middle of August already? We had a lot going on this summer (trips to see family, settling in to our new place and new area) so I had a feeling it would go fast but I didn’t realize it would be over THIS quickly. As sad as it is to see the sweet summertime go, it’s also exciting to see fall in the horizon. I like summer but by the time August comes along, I’m ready to feel that change in the air. The cool, crisp mornings and the bright orange and red leaves in the trees…I can’t wait! Besides the weather, there are always a few other things that I start daydreaming about during these last few weeks of summer…

    My fall favorites:

    Boots- Come on, I know you can relate! We all have that favorite pair (you know, the pair you spent a lot of money on but you can only wear for half the year?!)… I love my Fryes. I’ve had them for about 8 years now? And I’ve had them resoled at least twice… I’m never getting rid of them. EVER. So break out those boots, people.

    Oversized Sweaters- I really embraced these last year because I had just had our little girl and wanted something comfy and somewhat stylish…thank goodness these have been a little more on trend! I can’t wait to take these out again too. Throw them on with some skinny jeans (maybe my boots?) to go out or even with the leggings for a cozy night in… they are pretty perfect.

    A Chai Latte- When I worked at the Design Center, I treated myself to a coffee on Fridays (ok, maybe more often than just Fridays…) and my absolute favorite fall treat was a Chai Latte, usually a Vanilla Chai. I know there are plenty of people out there that look forward to the pumpkin spice flavored drink at the local chain coffee shop, but seriously, live on the wild side a bit and try one of these. Mmmm…I can taste it now. It’s like fall in a cup! If you need a little more of a caffeine boost, I think you can ask for a ‘dirty chai’ and they’ll add a shot of espresso.

    A soft, cozy, scarf- To be more specific, I’m really in love with the giant, super bulky knit scarves. I’m determined to find giant knitting needles and extra, super, crazy thick yarn to make one of these. I think I just added another project to the list.

    A fresh start- Maybe it’s because it’s a new season, or maybe it’s the ‘back to school’ feeling that comes with the fall, but I always have a new found motivation to dive into projects. It’s an overwhelming sense that it is time to buckle down and get to work. I’ve been out of school for a little while now, but it never fails…fall still brings this out in me!

    As I dream of baggy sweaters and a warm mug of chai- tell me, what are some of your fall favs?! What are you looking forward to the most?

    Happy fall everyone!