• a custom gift

    A long time ago- ok, maybe it was just a couple years ago- I promised my newly wed sister and brother in law some homemade pillows for their bedroom. My sister had an idea of what she wanted so I bought supplies, the fabric, everything I needed to make a set of custom hand painted pillows... then life went a little crazy. We had a baby, moved out of the city, my husband took on a new job (all within about a 6 month time frame). So you can probably guess what happened. The pillow project was placed on the backburner for a little while. To give you an idea of how long this project was delayed- my sister and her husband visited us for our little girl's first birthday party and I was finally able to give the pillows to them.

    Sometimes things happen for a reason though. I posted a photo of her pillows on instagram and facebook and ended up with requests for more... which has now blossomed into a new idea for Savannah's Sunshine Shop. I'll be posting the new items soon so stay tuned!

    In the meantime, here are a few photos of the original pillows I made for my sister and her husband. These would be a sweet wedding or Valentine's Day gift!  

  • baby project #1: homemade burp cloths

    After we found out that baby girl 'H' was on her way, I made a giant 'to do' list with everything from 'clean the microwave' to 'freezer meals' on it. We were making progress on the list but all the cleaning and organizing started to get old. I needed something fun to do! Within a few days, I had another long list of fun things I wanted to do before the little girl arrived.

    So here it is, baby project number 1: the homemade burp cloth.

    Rumor has it, I'll need these and will go through a ton of them... so why not have a set of cute (and custom!) cloths?! One pack of prefolded cloth diapers and one yard of a fun flannel later and I'm set!


    Simple, sweet, and easy to throw in the wash! Now if baby girl would make her grand appearance, we could break these in!

    More baby projects to come!